Il progetto - Pisa e Islam

The project

Great Mediterranean power, in the Middle Ages Pisa had close relations with the Islamic world, due to war contrast and diplomatic relationships; both of which were guided by a peaceful dialogue. The traces of these confrontations and encounters are everywhere in the urban space. This website and the audiovisual materials it provides are designed to create a multimedia path focused on these issues, which touches five points of the city:

  • The facade of the Cathedral with its inscriptions recalling the raids of Pisa against Saracens
  • The inscription in Kufic of S. Sisto and the Islamic basins on the churches in Pisa.
  • The epigraph of Porta Aurea, now set into the facade of S. Maria dei Galletti
  • The Hall of Balearic in Palazzo Gambacorti
  • A fresco depicting the battle of Mallorca at the Central Station, by Daniel Schinasi

Each point of interest has its own explanatory text and a video offered in Italian and in English, with the exception of point 5 where the video – the fresco Central Station – is only subtitled) . Content is available on the web as well as via smartphones, through a brochure with QRs, that allows direct access to the published materials.

The texts are by Gabriella Garzella and Enrica Salvatori, with the collaboration of Maria Luisa Ceccarelli.

The site and the brochure are by Chiara Mannari, under the supervision of Maria Simi.

The videos are by Marco Tonsini and Claudio Benedetti.

The Android App Pisa and Islam has been developed by Nkongolo Kabua Ka Ntanda.

The translations are by Elizabeth Philpott Danielli.

The voice narrator are Federico Meini and Elizabeth Philpott Danielli.

The project was made possible thanks to the presidents of Rotari Club and the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa and took advantage of the tools of the Laboratory of Digital Culture, University of Pisa.
We thank the State Railways (Centostazioni) and the Opera del Duomo for the shoots.